Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution, 1 Gallon Pack



The Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution comes in a 1 Gallon Pack and offers a highly effective and environmentally friendly solution for disinfecting surfaces. Made with natural ingredients, this product kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria,​ making⁤ it safe for use in homes, offices, and other spaces.

Key Features:

– Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution
– Kills 99.9%⁤ of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, & Molds
-⁤ 1 Gallon Bottle with Lemongrass Grapefruit Scent
– Features patented Thymox technology and botanically derived active ingredient
-‍ Broad-spectrum disinfectant ​registered with‍ the EPA
-⁢ Nonabrasive, ‌environmentally friendly, and chlorine-free
-⁢ Effective for cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting,‍ and ⁤deodorizing
– Does⁢ not require personal protective equipment


– Product Dimensions: 1‌ x 1 x 1 inches; 8 pounds
– Item model number: ​BBDSG
– Date First Available: November ‌15, 2018
– Manufacturer: Bioesque Solutions
– Country ​of Origin: ‍USA


– Ideal for commercial‌ customers ​in‌ healthcare,‌ food service, janitorial, and restoration ⁣industries
– Kills a wide range ⁢of bacteria, viruses, fungi,⁢ and ​molds in ⁣minutes
– Can be used on⁢ a⁤ variety of surfaces to clean and disinfect
– Safe for everyday ⁤use and ‌does not contain harsh chemicals
– Suitable⁤ for restoration and remediation ⁤situations


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