BioSafe ZeroTol HC Algaecide, Bactericide, Fungicide, Kills Mold, 4-Pack



The BioSafe ZeroTol ⁤HC 4-Pack is ⁢a powerful solution that acts as an algaecide,⁣ bactericide, fungicide, ‍and mold killer. This product effectively eliminates harmful‌ microorganisms from various surfaces, ​making it ideal for cleaning ⁤and disinfecting ​both indoor and outdoor areas.

Key Features:

– Broad-spectrum fungicide and bactericide
– ⁤Kills plant pathogens⁢ on-contact
– Environmentally friendly, no harsh chemicals
– Improves overall plant health
– Multiple‌ uses for home, garden, hydroponic systems, and grow rooms


– Formulated for⁣ use on ornamentals, houseplants, vegetables,⁤ berries, herbs, and⁢ other edible plants
– Helps ⁤control powdery mildew,⁣ Botrytis, Pythium, and other plant diseases
– Acid-based solution
– Sustainable approach to plant health


– Use around the home, garden, hydroponic systems, and grow rooms
– Suitable for hobby ⁣and small hydroponic growers
– Can be used on ornamentals,‌ houseplants, vegetables, berries, herbs,⁤ and other edible plants


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