Bird Netting – 50’ x 50’ Garden Netting for Poultry Protection



The Bird Netting – 50’ x​ 50’ Garden Netting for Poultry Protection is a durable mesh netting designed to keep birds and other pests away from your garden or poultry.⁤ Made of‌ high-quality material, it measures⁢ 50 feet by 50 feet⁤ and provides reliable protection for your crops or animals.

Key Features:

– Durable⁤ nylon ‍bird netting for ​outdoor use
– Protects blueberries, tomatoes, strawberries, fruit ‌trees, and chicken coop
– Resistant to rubbing and tearing, ​UV-proof, and weather-resistant
– Easy to handle ‌with⁣ included accessories like stakes, cable ties, and ropes
– Can be used as a plant protector or garden fence net


– Mesh ⁢sizes available: 2.4″‌ X 2.4″, 3/4″ X 3/4″, ⁤1″ X 1″
– Optional sizes: 25×50 feet, 50×50 feet, 25×100 feet, 25×25 feet, 50×100 feet,‌ 100×100 feet
-‌ Material: Nylon
– Accessories included: Cable⁢ ties, stakes, “U”​ garden stakes, ​4 corner lead ⁤ropes


– Ideal for protecting plants, trees, and⁣ crops⁤ from birds, squirrels, deer, and other pests
– Can also be used as‌ chicken netting
– Easy to set up and cut to size without fraying
– Suitable for gardens,⁢ orchards, fences, and chicken runs


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