Bird Netting for Garden/Buildings/Balcony, White Nylon 20x20m/65x65ft


The Anti-Bird ​Netting is a versatile ⁤and durable solution for protecting your plants and crops from‍ various threats, making it ‍an essential tool for gardeners⁤ and farmers.


The⁢ Bird Netting for⁤ Garden/Buildings/Balcony is a white nylon net measuring 20x20m/65x65ft. It is designed ‍to prevent ‍birds‍ from⁢ accessing gardens or buildings, protecting​ crops and structures. ⁢The netting ⁣is lightweight,⁢ durable, and easy to install, making it⁢ an effective⁤ solution for bird ​control.

Key Features:

– Made of Plastic ‍Nylon
– Opening Mesh: 1.5cm(3/5″) x 1.5cm(3/5″)
– ‍Can be used in gardens,​ farmland, and fish ponds
– Resistant to birds,⁢ animals, and UV rays
– Easy to install and ​cut to size
– Ideal for protecting fruits, vegetables, ⁣and fish ponds


– Material: ⁣Plastic Nylon
– Opening ‍Mesh: 1.5cm(3/5″)⁣ x 1.5cm(3/5″)
– Length: Customizable


– Protects plants, vegetables, and fruits from bugs, ‌animals, and birds
– Can be used in indoor and outdoor gardening
– Suitable for citrus trees, patio trees, ⁣tomatoes, grow⁢ box systems, and shrubs



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