Bird Parrot Hemp Rope Climbing Net – Heavy Duty Protection Fence Mesh (1×5m)



The Bird Parrot Hemp Rope Climbing Net is a durable ⁢and heavy-duty ⁢protection⁢ fence mesh measuring 1×5m. Made of natural ⁢hemp rope, it provides a‍ safe and ⁢secure climbing area​ for birds or parrots. The‌ net is strong, portable, and easy⁣ to install, making it an ideal addition to any bird cage or aviary.


– Easy‌ to install⁤ hemp netting suitable for indoor and‌ outdoor balconies
– Made from environmentally friendly materials with no⁢ impact on health
– Provides a safe play‌ environment for children and pets
-⁢ Prevents falls from​ high places⁣ such as stairs, balconies, ⁢and windows
– Can be cut into desired shape and size without affecting durability
– Ideal for⁤ securing loads and cargo on trucks, trailers, and vans
– Maximum load capacity of up to 200KG
– Made ‌from high quality Bangladeshi jute with 6mm rope and 10cm hole specifications
– Durable and weatherproof‌ for⁢ long-lasting ⁢use
– Easy to install by hanging on a wall‌ hook
– Versatile for various applications in garden or commercial environments


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