Bird-X Netting: Ideal for Gardens, Easy Install, 100′ x 14



Bird-X Netting is a 100′ x 14″ netting designed to protect gardens from birds. It is easy to⁤ install and ⁣provides a secure barrier against unwanted pests. Made from durable material, this netting is‍ the perfect solution for keeping your plants safe.

Key Features:

1. Reliable​ physical barrier to exclude birds from targeted areas
2. Suitable for various locations like air conditioners, ​vents,‍ patios, gutters, gardens, and vineyards
3. 3/4″ hole ‍opening to keep birds out while allowing ⁢light and moisture to pass through
4. Made of weather-resistant, lightweight, pliable, and UV-stabilized mesh‌ material
5. Made in the USA and easy to install


– Material: Mesh
– Hole Opening: 3/4″
– Available Sizes: Various sizes
– ⁣Made in: USA


– Ideal for zero-tolerance zones to protect fruit trees, home-grown fruits, plants, and vegetables
– Prevents birds from roosting, nesting, landing, and causing property damage
– Minimizes cleanup and repair costs, health risks, and fire hazards
– Protects buildings⁢ from⁤ corrosive bird droppings.


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