Bite-Proof Leather Animal Handling Gloves – 23.6 Inches



These Bite-Proof ⁤Leather Animal Handling Gloves are 23.6 inches long and designed to⁣ protect handlers from bites and scratches. Made from ⁣high-quality⁢ leather, with a comfortable fit and adjustable⁣ wrist strap for ​a secure ‌hold, these gloves are ideal ⁣for working with aggressive or ⁢unpredictable animals.

Key Features:

1. Made of top grain ⁤leather with double leather finger palms and backs for excellent bite-proof protection
2. Extra long glove ‌with 13.5 inches long sleeve for superior security for forearms
3. Thick and ​durable, made from carefully-selected thick and soft shoulder​ split natural cowhide leather
4. Puncture resistant, cut resistant, bite resistant, heat resistant, oil resistant, and fire resistant
5. Used by veterinarians, animal control staff, groomers, kennel workers, zoo workers, pet shop employees, breeders/handlers, ⁤pet owners,⁤ bird handlers, and reptile handlers
6. Multi-functional for ⁣men and women, suitable ⁣for animal handling ⁣and other tasks like grilling, barbecuing, cooking, gardening, camping, and‍ more


– Material: Top ⁤grain leather
– Length: 23.6 inches with 13.5 inches long sleeve
– Resistant to: Punctures, cuts, bites, heat, oil, ⁣and ⁣fire


– Ideal for ⁣handling small animals
– Suitable for various work and home tasks like grilling, cooking, gardening, and camping


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