Black Poultry Safety Fence for Garden and Balcony, 1m x 34m



The⁣ Black Poultry Safety Fence is a 1m x 34m ‍mesh netting⁢ designed to keep poultry safe and secure ⁤in gardens‌ and balconies. Made of ‍durable material, it provides protection​ while allowing visibility and airflow. ⁤Easy to‌ install and versatile for various outdoor spaces.

Key Features:

– Multi-use ⁣plastic fence suitable⁢ for various scenes
– Made of high-quality PE material
– 3X3cm aperture‌ with 1.3mm thickness
– Can be fixed on the wall or buried‍ in the soil
– Ideal for protecting children and pets, as well as for decorative purposes

Technical Specifications:

-‌ Material: PE
– Color: ‍Black
– Size: Customizable
– ⁢Load-bearing capacity: Approx. 100kg


– Suitable‍ for door and window corridors, stairs,⁤ balconies, railings, cribs, pet cages, kindergartens, amusement parks, etc.
– Can be used for plant ‍and patio protection, bar cafe decoration, truck cargo cover, etc.



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