Blue Buffalo Wild Delights Wet Cat Food Variety Pack

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The Blue Buffalo Wild Delights Wet Cat Food Variety Pack includes a selection of high-quality cat food flavors. Made with real meat, these grain-free recipes are ⁢packed⁤ with essential nutrients‍ and vitamins to support your⁤ feline friend’s overall health. Each pack contains 12 cans‍ of 3 oz each.

Key features:

– Grain-free wet ⁣cat food packed with ⁤real meat
– Available in delicious cuts of chicken and turkey, chicken and trout, or chicken⁤ and salmon
– High-protein ‌formula with essential nutrients for cats
– Variety pack with 12 ⁣cans for easy feeding
– Made with ‌natural​ ingredients‌ and ‌no artificial flavors or preservatives


– Product‍ Dimensions: 5.25 x 7.75 x 3.06 inches; 2.7 pounds
– Item model ​number: 800420
– Date First Available: November 3, 2023
– ​Manufacturer: Blue​ Buffalo
– Country of Origin: USA


– Feed as a ⁢complete and balanced meal for adult‍ cats
– Serve as a tasty and nutritious option to satisfy your⁤ cat’s⁢ cravings for meat
– Ideal for cats⁣ with grain sensitivities or those who prefer wet food options


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