Blue Medium Garden Gloves



The‍ Blue Medium Garden Gloves ​are durable and versatile work gloves designed for gardening tasks. They feature a flexible nylon ‌construction, a comfortable fit with an elastic wrist cuff, and a textured palm for improved grip. These gloves provide protection ⁣against thorns, dirt, and sharp objects while allowing for easy ‍movement and dexterity.

Key Features:

– Made with 100% ultra comfortable ‌Bamboo fiber
– Seamless liner for added comfort
– Palm coated with‌ Foam Latex for hand‌ protection
– Natural alternative to nylon for a cooler and drier feel
– Environmentally friendly materials


– Material: Bamboo fiber with Foam Latex coating
– Size: Available in multiple sizes
– Color: Green
– Usage: Suitable for gardening, household chores, and other tasks requiring hand protection


– Perfect for ​gardening, household chores, and other ⁢tasks where hand protection is needed
– Provides a ‌comfortable and cool alternative to⁤ traditional nylon gloves
– Ideal for those looking for environmentally friendly options for ⁣their gardening ‍or household‌ needs


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