Bombrooster Weighted Hooks with Twist Lock, Pack of 10



The‌ Bombrooster Weighted Hooks with Twist Lock, Pack of 10, are designed for securely holding soft plastic baits. These hooks feature a twist lock design for easy⁣ bait attachment and​ are weighted for better casting⁢ and sinking.⁤ Made of durable materials, these hooks are ​ideal for bass fishing.

Attributes Description
Weedless Fishing Hook Specifically designed for weedless​ style rigging of soft plastic bait to prevent getting stuck in weeds, grass, or rocks on the bottom. Features​ extra wide gaps in an offset circle hook style to improve hook-up ratio.
Twist-Locker Spring Twist lock spring with centering pin acts as a bait keeper to expand the life ‍of your ‍bait. Helps keep bait securely pegged on the hook ‌by inserting the pin in the center of the nose or tail of a soft bait. Prevents the bait​ from constantly sliding down the hook and tearing.
Belly Keel Weighted Swimbaits hooks with non-moveable precision molded lead keel weight provide enough weight to sink the bait slowly or swim a rigged bait into the ‌strike zone. Low center of gravity allows large swimbaits to swim naturally, maintain stability, prevent rolling at high speeds, and make the bait flutter and dart more realistically. ‌
High Carbon Steel Made of forged high carbon steel material, ensuring durability ‌and solidity. The ​super sharp needle point allows for easy penetration and removal from the hook, keeping the target fish hooked securely and reducing the chance of escape. Ideal for catch and release fishing.
Extensive Use Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, these swimbait hooks are versatile and compatible with various lure fishing for species like largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pike, ​and more. Suitable‍ for anglers​ of‌ different skill levels, from beginners to experienced fishermen of all ages. ‍



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