Bonide 32 oz Ready-to-Spray Insect & Disease Control


The ‍Fruit Tree & Plant Guard from Bonide is ⁤a ⁤multi-purpose product that‌ effectively controls a wide‍ range of fungal diseases and insects in your garden. It is easy to use ⁤and provides wide-ranging protection ​for your ⁢plants.


The Bonide ⁤32 oz Ready-to-Spray Insect‍ & Disease Control is a convenient solution ⁤for controlling insects⁤ and diseases ⁢in your garden. ⁣This product ‍comes in a ready-to-use spray bottle, making it ‍easy to‍ apply‍ to plants. It is⁢ effective ‍against a wide range of pests and ⁤diseases, ‍providing protection‍ for your plants.

Key Features:

-‌ Water-based combination
– Treats⁣ fruits, nuts, flowers, shrubs, ⁣and ornamentals
– Controls a wide range ⁤of fungal disease and insect‌ pests
– Economical and versatile
– Acts as an insecticide, ‍fungicide,⁣ miticide, aphicide, and scalicide
– Ready-to-spray formula


– Brand: Bonide
-​ Type: Concentrate
– ‌Usage: Home garden, orchard
– Controls: Aphids, Japanese beetles, powdery mildew, ‍scab, leaf curl,⁤ and other listed insects and diseases


– Connect spray bottle to a ‌garden hose and spray affected plants
– Suitable for‌ fruits, ⁣vegetables, nuts, ⁣ornamental shrubs, trees, and⁤ flowers



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