Bonide Captain Jack’s Fruit Tree Spray, 96oz



The Bonide ⁤Captain Jack’s Fruit Tree Spray is a 96oz insecticide‍ and fungicide designed to protect fruit trees from pests and diseases. It contains Spinosad, a natural ⁤substance derived⁢ from‌ soil bacteria, and ⁣is safe for use on a wide variety of fruit trees and ornamentals.

Key Features:

1. Concentrated formula for controlling​ insects ‌and‌ diseases on fruit trees, flowers, evergreens, and strawberries.
2. Complete plant coverage with ⁣insecticide, fungicide, ‍aphicide, miticide, scalicide, ⁤and a spreader sticker.
3. Controls ‍a⁣ variety ⁣of⁢ insects and ‍diseases including Japanese ‌beetles, mites, flea beetles, aphids, black spot, downy mildew, and more.
4. Acts⁣ as a foliage protector for apples, cherries, ⁣grapes, strawberries, peaches,‌ roses, and ornamental evergreens.
5. ⁤Includes a spreader‍ sticker for improved effectiveness of insecticides, herbicides,‍ and fungicides.
6. Easy to apply by⁢ mixing with water and using a hose-end sprayer or tank⁤ sprayer.


– Coverage: Mix 1-1/2 tablespoons per gallon
– Application: Hose-end ​sprayer or‍ tank sprayer
– Includes: Spread‍ sticker for uniform ‌coverage
– Helps protect foliage from pests⁣ and diseases.
– Easy to apply and should be⁢ used ‍according to label directions for best results


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