Bonide Fung-onil 16 oz Concentrate for Plant Disease Control

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The Bonide Fung-onil 16 oz Concentrate is a ​plant disease⁢ control solution designed‌ to⁣ protect plants from fungal diseases. It contains chlorothalonil as its active ingredient and can be used⁢ on a wide variety of plants like vegetables, flowers, ⁢and​ fruit trees. ‌Just mix with water and⁤ spray ⁢on plants for effective disease‌ prevention and control.

Key Features:

– ​Fung-onil⁤ Multi-Purpose Fungicide from Bonide
– Active ingredient: chlorothalonil
– Controls and prevents a variety of fungal diseases in plants
– Broad-spectrum fungicide effective against leaf spot, ‌rust, blight, mildew,⁢ scab, mold, and more
– Can be applied to ​fruits,⁤ vegetables,⁣ beans, trees,⁣ flowers, and‍ shrubs
– Concentrated solution ready-to-mix
– Easy to use with sprayer equipment

Technical Specifications:

– Brand: Bonide
– Active Ingredient: Chlorothalonil
– Type: Concentrate
– Application: Mix with water and apply using sprayer equipment
– Use: Control and prevent fungal‍ diseases in plants


– Mix Fung-onil ‌with water ⁢according to package directions
– Apply to affected plants using sprayer equipment
– Can be used ⁣on​ a variety of plants including fruits, vegetables, beans, trees, flowers, and shrubs
– Follow product label for full use ‍instructions


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