Bonide Fungal Disease Control with Zinc Fungicide (8 oz.)

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The Bonide Fungal Disease‍ Control‌ with Zinc Fungicide (8 oz.) is a plant spray that effectively controls fungal diseases. It contains zinc to promote plant health and ⁢growth while protecting against‍ powdery mildew, rust, black ‍spot, and more. This 8 oz. bottle is convenient⁤ for ⁤home⁤ gardeners.

Key Features:

– Broad spectrum fungicide
– Contains Zinc for healthy vegetation
– Protects against various⁤ plant diseases
– Easy to apply with a tank‍ sprayer


– Brand: Bonide
– Active ⁤Ingredient: Mancozeb with Zinc
– Application: Outdoor crops and ornamental ​plants
– Formulation: Liquid
– Usage: Preventative spray program


– Designed for ⁤use on‍ vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants
– Protects against leaf spot, downy mildew,‍ early blight, late blight, ‌rust, botrytis, and more
– Enhances plant growth and⁣ vitality
– Should be applied according to label⁢ directions for best results.


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