Bonide Neem Oil: 128 oz Multi-Purpose Organic Gardening Solution



The Bonide Neem Oil is a 128⁣ oz multi-purpose organic gardening solution that​ helps control insects ⁣and fungal diseases on plants. Made from neem seed⁤ extract,⁢ it ⁢is OMRI⁤ listed and⁢ safe for use in organic gardening. It also acts as a natural leaf ​polish and fertilizer booster.

Key Features:

1. All-purpose insecticide, miticide, ​and⁢ fungicide derived from Neem seed
2. Safe to use‍ on roses, flowers, vegetables, herbs, spices, houseplants, trees, turf, and shrubs
3.​ Kills all stages of insects including eggs,⁣ larvae, and adults
4. Multi-purpose product for organic gardening
5. Protects against common fungal diseases
6. Effective against⁤ spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, and ⁢more
7. Approved for organic gardening and can ‌be used up until the day of harvest
8.⁤ Ready-to-use with spray ‌nozzle ​included


– Brand: Captain Jack’s
– Type: Neem Oil
– Usage: Insecticide, miticide, fungicide
– Application: Spray on affected plants
– Frequency: Reapply every 7-14 days


– Shake ‍well before use
– Completely cover affected ​plants
– Follow⁣ product label for full use instructions



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