BONIDE Sulfur Plant Fungicide, 1 lb (2)



The BONIDE Sulfur​ Plant Fungicide is a 1 lb powder that effectively controls and prevents‍ plant diseases ​caused by⁢ fungi. With a dual-action⁣ formula, it⁤ acts ‌as‌ a⁢ fungicide and ‌insecticide, ​protecting plants from pests‍ as well. Easy⁢ to apply ‌and suitable for ​use ⁣on a variety of plants.

Key Features:

– Sulfur-based fungicide for organic gardening
– Controls rust, leaf spot, powdery mildew, and other diseases
– Effective against various insects and diseases
– Approved for use on fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals
– Safe for animals, controlling fleas, ticks,‌ and mites
– Fine particle size for better adhesion ‌and distribution
– Ready to use as a micronized liquid spray or dust

Technical Specifications:

– Product Type: Sulfur Plant Fungicide Dust
– ‌Usage: Organic⁤ gardening, controlling diseases and insects
– Application: Fruits,‍ vegetables, ornamentals, animals
– Form: Micronized liquid spray or dust


– Apply on listed plants to control diseases and insects
– Can be used on fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and animals
– Ready to use and easy to apply as a spray or‌ dust.


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