Bonide Turbo Spreader Sticker, 8 oz Concentrate- Increase Coverage


BONIDE Turbo Spreader Sticker is a‌ versatile product that enhances the performance of lawn and garden chemicals, reduces leaching,‍ and helps achieve optimal results with fewer applications.


The ⁣Bonide Turbo Spreader Sticker is an⁢ 8 oz concentrate designed to increase coverage when ⁣spraying​ pesticides or fertilizers. It helps the product adhere ‍to plants, ensuring more effective application. This sticker is easy ⁤to use and works with most lawn and garden chemicals.

Key Features:

1. Turbo Spreader Sticker supercharges pesticide performance
2. Non-ionic‌ formula improves lawn and garden chemicals
3. Biodegradable combination ‌spreading, sticking, and penetrant agent
4. Provides better distribution and adhesion of⁤ insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides
5. Improves the​ performance of lawn and garden chemicals by dispersing them uniformly
6. Reduces leaching and total pesticide use
7. ⁢Helps achieve greater ‍effectiveness ⁤from⁣ sprays and reduce product waste
8. Recommended for use with a pump sprayer with a tank for optimal⁤ results


– Brand: BONIDE
– Type: Spreader Sticker
– Formula: Non-ionic
– Biodegradable: Yes
– Usage: Enhances‌ distribution and adhesion of lawn ⁣and garden chemicals


– Use with ​a pump sprayer with ⁤a tank for better distribution ⁤and adhesion of chemicals
– Helps achieve control of insects, diseases, and unwanted vegetation faster with fewer applications
– Reduces‌ usage of⁤ insecticides,‍ herbicides, and​ fungicides



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