Boxwood Liquid Fertilizer HighTech NPK (Made in Germany)



The Boxwood Liquid Fertilizer HighTech NPK is ​a premium‍ fertilizer made in Germany. It features a high-tech NPK formula for​ optimal plant growth and ‍health. This fertilizer is designed to be ⁤easily absorbed⁣ by plants, providing essential nutrients for⁢ healthy development.

Key Features:

– High-quality raw materials and ‍chelates for optimal nutrient absorption
– Developed by experienced gardeners and botanists ​in Germany/Austria
– Best solutions⁢ in mineral NPK ⁤fertilizers based‌ on scientific findings
– Easy to use with dosage cap and instructions included
– Suitable for over 100 different‌ plant​ species


– Manufacturer: ​GREEN24
– Country of Origin: ⁣Germany
– Size:‍ 250 ml
– Suitable for Conifer and Ilex plants
– Can be administered via roots or as a foliar fertilizer


– Provides rapid effects for ⁣healthy leaves, stable branches,⁣ strong bud formation, and balanced rooting
– Concentrated⁤ formula, 250⁢ ml is sufficient for 60-125 liters of ready-to-use liquid fertilizer
– Developed based on current knowledge​ in plant propagation and cultivation


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