Breathable Latex Coated Gardening Gloves – 6 Pairs, Medium Size



These Breathable Latex Coated Gardening Gloves come ‍in a⁤ pack of 6 pairs of ‍medium size. Made with latex⁤ coating, these gloves are ​breathable, ⁤flexible, and provide excellent grip. They ‍are ideal for gardening tasks and ⁢protect hands from dirt, thorns, and moisture.

Key Features:

1. Multipurpose gloves for yard work, gardening, mechanics, box handling, and outdoor projects.
2. Stain-resistant dexterity with black coating for easy cleaning.
3. Comfortable​ and flexible fit with stretchy material and elastic wrist.
4. Breathable and lightweight design for a second-skin ⁤feel.
5. Easy to clean and maintain ​for long-term use.
6. Durable and versatile for ⁢various tasks like ⁢weeding, planting, and DIY ‍projects.
7.⁢ Comes in a⁢ bundle of 6 pairs for⁣ exceptional value.
8. Perfect gift for gardeners with medium-sized gloves suitable for most​ hands.


-​ Material: Knitted base with flexible coating
– Colors: Green and black
– Size: Medium
– Quantity: 6 pairs


– Ideal ⁣for gardening, yard work, mechanics, and⁤ outdoor projects.
– Not‍ suitable for dangerous operations.
– Machine washable for easy maintenance.


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