Canine Ear Dissection Model for Veterinary Study



The​ Canine Ear Dissection Model for Veterinary Study is a lifelike model for practicing ear examinations and surgeries. It is made of durable, realistic ​materials and is anatomically accurate. This model features removable parts for easy ‍exploration of the ⁢ear anatomy.

Professional: This two-sided canine ear​ model shows a normal & a pathology side. The Canine Ear ⁤Model is a⁢ perfect display option for owner education in a‌ veterinarian office. It can also be used as a⁣ teacher’s ⁢accessory for classroom ⁣demonstrations. Use this in place of an anatomy poster.

Easy to carry: easy to recognize ear parts, small size design ⁢is easy ⁤to ‍carry, it can be stably placed on⁤ the⁣ table with the flat base.​ Avoid the slippage of the demonstration process, which is perfect for your‌ presentation.


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