Captain Jack’s Copper Fungicide: 32 oz Spray for Organic Gardening


Captain Jack’s Ready-to-Use Liquid​ Copper Fungicide is a convenient and effective ‍solution for controlling fungus and disease in your garden, approved for ⁢organic gardening and suitable for a wide range of plant types.


Captain ⁢Jack’s⁢ Copper Fungicide is a 32 oz spray designed for organic gardening. It effectively controls and prevents various fungal diseases on fruits, ⁢vegetables,‍ and ornamentals. The product is⁣ made with naturally occurring ​copper salts and ‌can be used up to the day of harvest.

Key Features:

– Ready-to-use‌ liquid copper fungicide
– Approved for organic gardening
– Effective against common fungal diseases
-‌ Can be used⁣ on fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and ‍flowers
– Can be applied ⁣up⁣ to the⁣ day of harvest
– Comes in a trigger spray bottle for easy​ application


– Product Type: Liquid Fungicide
– Application: ‍Spray
– Coverage‍ Area: Varies depending on application
– Active Ingredient: Copper Octanoate
– Use: Control and prevent plant diseases


– ⁢Shake well ​before⁤ use
– ‌Apply ‍thoroughly to tops and‌ undersides ​of leaves and all plant surfaces
– Repeat‍ every 7-10 days as ⁤needed
– Suitable‍ for ​use on a variety of plants in​ the lawn and garden



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