Chapin 2-Gallon Bleach Pressure Sprayer, Made in USA



The​ Chapin 2-Gallon Bleach‌ Pressure ⁣Sprayer‌ is a‌ sturdy and efficient sprayer, made in the USA. It can hold up⁣ to​ 2‍ gallons of bleach solution and features ​a ‍pressure release valve, a 28-inch ​wand, and an adjustable nozzle ‍for precise⁢ application.⁤ Ideal for outdoor​ cleaning tasks.

Key Features:

-⁢ 2-gallon poly tank with wide mouth opening
– Bleach resistant seals and gaskets
– ⁣Adjustable spray nozzle and poly shut-off
– SureSpray anti-clog in-tank filter
– ‌Made in the ‍USA with global materials
– Backed by Chapin’s 1-year limited​ warranty


– 40-inch black PVC⁣ hose
– 12-inch poly ⁤wand
– Translucent, chemical-resistant poly tank
– Ergonomic pump ‍handle


– Designed for cleaning and ⁢disinfection tasks
– Suitable for ‌use with ‍bleach, ​mold remediation, and disinfecting chemicals
– Ideal for professional disinfecting⁣ jobs or household cleaning tasks


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