Chapin Hand Mister Sprayer, 16 oz, Yellow

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The Chapin Hand Mister⁤ Sprayer⁣ is a 16 oz, yellow handheld sprayer ⁢perfect for⁤ applying various⁢ liquids such as cleaners, fertilizers, and⁣ pesticides. With an adjustable nozzle, easy-pump design, ⁣and durable construction,‌ this sprayer is ideal for⁤ small gardening tasks and household use.

Key Features:

– Lightweight 16 oz translucent bottle
– Large ⁢mouth ⁣opening for⁤ easy filling
– Easy action‌ hand ⁣pump
– Compatible with common pesticides and fungicides
– Versatile for use in nurseries, gardens, fruit trees,​ and ornamentals
– Powerful compression for ‌finely ⁢atomized spray


– Model ‌Number: ⁣5001
– Tank‍ Size: 16 ounces
– Tank‌ Material: ​Poly
– Pump Type: Hand piston
– Seal Material: Nitrile
– Nozzle: Misting
– Handle: Ergonomic
– Item Dimensions: 14.3 x 4.5 x 6 inches
– Item Weight: 0.515 ‌pounds
– Warranty: 1-year⁢ limited

– Applications ‍include weed and pest control, fungus control


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