Chapin Spectracide 2 Gallon Hand Pump Sprayer White

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The Chapin Spectracide 2 Gallon Hand Pump‌ Sprayer White‍ is a versatile‍ and easy-to-use sprayer designed for ⁤outdoor gardening and‍ landscaping. It features ⁣a 2-gallon ‌tank⁤ capacity, an adjustable nozzle for‌ various spray patterns, and ⁣a ‌comfortable hand pump for effortless operation.

Key ‍Features:

– 2-gallon poly tank
– Ergonomic pump handle
– Poly wand with⁢ comfortable trigger shut-off
– Adjustable cone nozzle
– ⁢In-tank filter for continuous spraying
– Compatible with general pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and cleaners


– Designed and made in ‌the USA
– ‌Backed ⁢by a 1-year limited warranty
– Seals and gaskets work with Spectracide and standard household‌ treatments
– Adjustable poly nozzle for different⁤ spray ⁤patterns
– Lock-on/off ​feature on the poly ⁤shut-off
– ‍In-tank filter⁤ to prevent clogs
– Standard 12 inch extension ‍wand⁤ with 34 inches of reinforced‍ hose


– Ideal for ridding your yard and home of pests or deterring them from ​your​ garden
– Suitable for general cleaning tasks around the house and backyard
– Works ⁢with a variety ​of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and cleaners



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