Chelated Copper EDTA Fertilizer for Healthy Plant Growth (1lb)



Chelated Copper EDTA‍ Fertilizer (1lb) promotes healthy plant growth by providing essential nutrients in an ‍easily absorbable ⁢form. This product contains high-quality copper ⁤EDTA, ensuring efficient uptake ⁤by plants. Ideal for promoting strong roots,⁣ vibrant foliage, and increased⁢ fruit production.

EASY ⁣TO ⁤USE:⁢ Simply mix the chelated​ copper ⁤fertilizer with water and apply it ⁢to your plants according to the instructions⁣ on the package. Whether you are using⁤ it for hydroponics ⁤or⁤ soil application, this fertilizer is easy to use and⁣ will help your plants reach their full‌ potential.

VERSATILE USE: This chelated copper ​fertilizer can be⁤ used for a ⁣variety of plants, including vegetables, fruits, flowers, and more. Whether you’re growing‌ plants in soil or ‍hydroponically, this fertilizer is perfect for promoting healthy growth and development.



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