Chicken Wire Netting for Garden Safety – Extra Strength Mesh



The Chicken ⁢Wire Netting for Garden Safety is a ⁤sturdy mesh designed to protect your garden from pests and animals. Made with extra strength ‍materials, this netting offers durability and security for your plants. It ⁢measures ⁣48 inches⁣ in height and comes in a 50-foot roll for easy installation.

Key features:

– 304 stainless steel mesh
– Galvanised wire mesh
– ‌Strong and resistant to penetration
– Semi-rigid for various⁤ uses
– Package includes cutting pliers


– Material: 304L stainless steel wire
– Color: silver
– Opening: 1.3cm (13mm)
– Wire⁢ diameter: ​1.0mm
– Weaving: plain ⁤weave


– Suitable⁣ for preventing ⁣mice, rats, squirrels, pigeons, ⁣and ‍other pests
– Anti-rust and weather-resistant
– Can be used for house protection,‍ creating barriers, and making isolation nets
– Ideal for pet hutches, chicken coops, gardens, and vegetable patches


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