Child Pet Cat Safety Net for Stairs and Balconies



The Child Pet Cat Safety ⁤Net for Stairs and Balconies is a durable, mesh netting designed ⁢to create a safe environment ⁢for children and pets in high-risk areas. Made from strong materials, it⁤ is easy to install with included⁢ mounting hardware, offering peace of mind at home.

Key Features and Specifications:

– Child Safety Net for keeping children, pets, toys, ‌or family safe
– Material: High quality synthetic⁣ polyester‌ fiber
– Color:​ Dark Brown
– Mesh size: 4mm / 3cm
– Can be used for ⁢indoor and outdoor safety protection
– Can be used as a pet ⁤safety door
– Portable⁣ and easy to install
– Weather resistant and wear resistant
-⁤ Suitable ‍for stairs, balconies, windows, railings, pet cages, and more
– Regularly check for potential ⁣safety​ hazards


– Install on balconies to ⁣protect children from falling
-​ Install on stairs and corridors to create ‌a safer environment for children
– Create‍ a ⁢private​ space for pets indoors or outdoors
– ⁣Use‌ as a​ network barrier ⁣for pets in vehicles
– ⁤Use for‌ protection in ⁢gardens, outdoor fences, kindergartens, etc.


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