Child Safety Net for Stairs and Balcony – Size Varies



The Child Safety Net for Stairs and Balcony is a versatile mesh barrier ⁣designed to prevent children from accessing hazardous areas.⁢ Available in various sizes, the⁣ net is made of durable, transparent material that is easy to install and‌ provides a secure protective barrier for little ones.

Key Features:

1. Multi-purpose protective⁤ net for indoor and outdoor use
2. Made‌ of high-quality⁤ tear-resistant fabrics
3. Can be used as a pet safety door or network barrier
4. Suitable for balconies, stairs, decks, ​and more
5.​ Provides protection⁢ for pets and children


– Material:‍ Nylon woven​ mesh
– Package Includes: 1 x Safety Net
-​ Color: Various options available
– Size: ⁣Customizable to fit​ different areas
– Usage: Indoor and outdoor safety protection


– ⁤Prevent pets and children from falling over balconies⁤ or stairs
– Create ⁤a safe space for ⁢pets indoors or outdoors
– Protect belongings from​ falling off⁤ windows or balconies
– Suitable for use in various settings such as homes, cafes, and kindergartens.


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