Chlorosel Pro 720 Disease Control for Agriculture, 128 oz



The Chlorosel Pro 720 Disease Control for⁤ Agriculture⁤ is a 128 oz liquid solution designed to protect crops from a wide range of diseases. It features a high concentration of copper and zinc which aids⁤ in preventing fungus, bacterial, and ‍viral infections on ‌plants.


1. Superior rainfast formulation containing “AGRIFAC” surfactant
2. Versatile coverage for 100 different⁣ types of crops and‍ non-crop plants
3. Made in the USA by Agrisel, based in Atlanta, ‍Georgia
4. Broad-spectrum defense against a wide range of plant diseases
5. Rain-resistant protection for plants in wet weather
6. Suitable⁢ for both agricultural fields ⁢and professional turf care
7. Convenient 128-ounce bottle‌ size for long-lasting use


– Manufacturer: Agrisel
– Made in ⁤the USA
– Product Dimensions: Not specified
– ​Date First Available: June 4, 2016


– Ideal for protecting plants from ⁣various diseases
– Suitable for use ⁤on​ a wide range of crops and ​non-crop plants
– Recommended for both agricultural ​and turf applications
– Easy application with the included 3-pack of disposable ⁢bottles.


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