Citronella Grass | 10 Live Plants | Outdoor Garden Decor



The Citronella Grass plant⁢ pack includes 10 live⁤ plants that can be used as outdoor garden decor. These plants are known for their ability to repel insects ⁣with their lemony scent, making them a⁣ great addition to any outdoor space. Each plant is approximately ⁢6-12 inches tall.

Key Features:

1. Cymbopogon nardus (Citronella Grass) plant for outdoor spaces
2. Easy-to-grow ⁤and adaptable to various conditions
3. Aromatic lemony fragrance enhances garden ambiance
4. Tall, slender leaves add texture and color to outdoor areas
5. Culinary and therapeutic uses in cuisines and essential oils


– Plant type: Cymbopogon nardus (Citronella Grass)
-‌ Usage: Outdoor ​ornamental plant for gardens, patios, and‌ balconies
– Benefits: Adds beauty, fragrance, and functionality to outdoor spaces
– Resilient to various weather‌ conditions
– Ready for transplanting


– Ideal for adding beauty and functionality to ​outdoor spaces
– Enhances garden ambiance with its lemony fragrance
– Can be used in various cuisines and essential oils ⁢for culinary and therapeutic purposes


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