Convoy Fungicide (2.5 Gal) by Nichino – Controls Multiple Rot



Convoy Fungicide by Nichino is ⁢a 2.5⁢ gallon solution that ⁢effectively controls multiple crop rots. With a‍ unique formulation, it offers broad-spectrum protection and helps‍ prevent the spread​ of diseases. Featuring superior coverage and long-lasting effects, it is a reliable‌ choice ⁣for farm protection.

Key Features:

1. Broad-spectrum systemic fungicide
2. Active ingredient: Flutolanil
3. Controls various foliar and⁤ soil-borne diseases
4. ⁤Effective against ⁤powdery mildew, leaf spot, rust, blight, and anthracnose
5. Absorbed into plant⁢ tissue for ⁣long-lasting protection
6.⁣ Preventative and curative properties
7. Systemic⁢ action throughout the plant
8. Easy to⁣ apply as a​ foliar spray
9. Manufacturer: Nichino America, Inc.


– Package ⁢Dimensions: 15 x ‌10⁤ x 10 inches;‌ 18 Pounds
-‌ Date First Available: March 14, 2023
– Country of Origin: USA


– Suitable for a wide range of crops including⁢ corn, soybeans, wheat, ‍and vegetables
-⁤ Apply as a spray, alone⁢ or in combination ​with other​ fungicides
– ⁤Follow label ⁤instructions ⁤carefully for effective disease control ‍and safety‌ precautions


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