COOLJOB Gardening Gloves Set: 6 Pairs Large Rubber Coated, 1 Pair Thorn Proof



The ⁢COOLJOB Gardening Gloves Set includes 6 pairs of large rubber-coated gloves and 1 pair of thorn-proof gloves. The ‌gloves ​are designed to provide protection while gardening, with durable materials and a comfortable fit. The rubber ​coating provides grip and waterproofing,‍ helping to keep​ hands safe and dry ⁢during gardening tasks.

Key ⁣Features:

1. Rubber coated ‍gardening gloves for men
2. 6 pairs in two colors: red and ⁤black
3. Breathable and comfortable polyester base
4. Soft micro foamed latex coating
5.‌ Long cuff to keep dirt and debris out
6. ⁤Elastic wrist for easy on and off
7. Ideal for various tasks including gardening,​ landscaping, painting, weeding, and more
8. Thorn ⁢proof ⁢gardening gloves with long sleeves
9. Polyurethane and nylon palm with cushion for extra protection
10. Spandex ​and polyester material for flexibility⁢ and snug fitting
11. Silicone dots on fingers for enhanced grip


– Size:​ 6 pairs for garden gloves, 1 pair⁢ for thorn proof ⁣gloves
– Material: Rubber for garden ‍gloves, Microfiber for thorn proof gloves
– Color: Red⁣ and black for garden gloves, Blue and grey for ⁣thorn proof gloves
– Thickness: 13 ⁢gauge for garden gloves
– Fit type: Ambidextrous for thorn⁣ proof gloves


– Suitable‍ for gardening, landscaping, painting,⁣ weeding, varnishing, ​construction, logistic, warehousing, driving, farming, general maintenance, and mechanic work.


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