Customizable Poultry Cage Net Balcony Stairs Fence 4.92×22.96ft



The Customizable Poultry ⁣Cage Net Balcony Stairs Fence measures 4.92×22.96ft and‌ is designed for keeping poultry safe ‌and contained. Made from durable material,⁣ it features customizable configurations for various areas, ensuring a secure and versatile option for outdoor spaces.

Key⁢ Features:

– Made of 304 stainless steel
– Rope diameter: 2mm
– Mesh size: 10cm
– Can be customized in‌ various sizes
– Functions as protection, safety, ⁤leak-proof, anti-theft, and decoration
– Suitable for fall prevention, protective bridges, stairs, ‌schools, residences, ​zoos, etc

Technical Specifications:

– Heavy-duty and durable
– Flexible and can be shaped into various ⁢forms
– Multipurpose use​ as safety net, aviary net, animal cage, deck net, plant climbing​ net, etc
– Easy installation and removal
– Wire diameters: 2mm; Mesh size: 10cm


– Ideal for both indoor and ⁤outdoor use
– Adds a modern touch to ‍gardens, yards, or patios
– Suitable for DIY projects, ⁣business⁤ events, and home improvement.


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