Daconil® Fungicide Concentrate 16 oz. – 100523634

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Daconil® Fungicide​ Concentrate is a powerful 16‍ oz.‍ solution for ⁤treating and⁢ preventing‍ fungal diseases​ on plants. This ⁤product contains 29.6% Chlorothalonil as the active ingredient, offering broad-spectrum protection and ‌control against various fungi. It is easy to use and can ‌be applied with a sprayer for effective results.

Key ​Features:

– Kills, stops, and prevents over 80⁢ plant diseases
– Can be used⁣ on flowers, vegetables, shrubs, fruit, and shade trees
– Controls Leaf Spots, Rust, Blights, Fruit ​Rot,⁣ Mildew, and many other diseases
– Made in the United States
– Brand ‌name: Daconil


– Concentrate formula
– Size: 16oz


– Dilute according to instructions⁢ on‌ the label
– Apply to ⁤affected plants ‌as needed
– Can be used preventatively to protect plants from diseases


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