Dalen Deer X Protective Netting – 14′ x 75′ – Durable Polypropylene Mesh



The Dalen ⁣Deer X Protective‌ Netting is a 14′ ‌x 75′ durable polypropylene ⁢mesh designed to protect plants and gardens ​from deer and other wildlife. The netting is lightweight, easy​ to install, ⁢and⁢ UV-resistant, making it a practical and effective solution for‍ keeping unwanted animals ⁢at ⁢bay.

Key Features:

– Natural scaring devices⁢ to⁣ keep pests ‍away
– Garden netting and ⁤fencing‍ for pest control
– Landscape ⁢fabrics for weed prevention
– Made in the USA with high-quality materials
– Easy DIY installation


– Material: Polypropylene mesh with UV inhibitors
– Sizes available: 7″ ​x‌ 100′ and 14″⁢ x 75′
– Non-toxic and animal-friendly
– Recycled material
– Weather-resistant


– Protect vegetable gardens, fruit shrubs, trees,⁣ and flowers from deer, rabbits, and other pests
– Easy to install without professional tools
– Provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive fencing options


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