DCM Minigran Eco-Sol 1 2-1-2 Fertilizer (30 lbs)



The DCM Minigran Eco-Sol 1 2-1-2 Fertilizer (30 lbs) is a versatile and balanced plant food suitable for a variety of crops. With a ​formulation of 1% Nitrogen, 2% Phosphorus, and 2% Potassium, ⁤this fertilizer provides essential⁤ nutrients⁢ for healthy plant growth and development.

Key Features:

– Fertilizer made of vegetable raw materials
– Rich in organic matter
– ​Enriches soil with humus
– Improves physical and biological soil fertility
– Creates optimal environment for roots
– Suitable for turfgrass, substrates, potting soils, and poor soil structures


– Application rate ⁢for turfgrass: 440-2230 lbs/acre
– Application rate for field cultivation: 440-2230 lbs/acre
– Application rate ​for potting soil: 2-3 lbs/yd³


– Begin application in spring and repeat as ⁢needed
– Do not apply near water, storm drains, or drainage ditches
– Sweep any product that lands on non-lawn surfaces back onto the lawn
– Apply based on ⁣the needs of ​the plant,‍ time of application, and condition of the soil.


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