Demodex Mange Hair Conditioner for Dogs and Puppies



The Demodex Mange ‌Hair Conditioner for Dogs and Puppies is a specialized grooming product designed to treat and manage Demodex mange in dogs. This ‌conditioner is formulated with soothing ingredients‌ to hydrate and‌ nourish the⁢ skin and coat, helping to alleviate symptoms of Demodex mange and promote healthy hair growth.

Key Features:

1. Hair conditioner‌ for⁣ dogs and puppies with mange, dandruff, hair loss, and itchy skin
2. Hot spot and itch relief product for dogs of all ages
3. Gentle ​yet powerful⁢ formula with natural essential oils and ⁢herbal extracts
4. Veterinary recommended ‍lime sulfur based conditioner
5. Effective in relieving ⁤irritations caused by allergies,⁢ bug bites, hot spots, dry and itchy skin, burns, scratching, rashes,‍ excessive licking or chewing
6. Moisturizes dry, itchy, flaky, and problem skin promoting fast healing and comfort
7. Cleans and eliminates skin problems such as abrasions, superficial cuts, and bites


– Suitable for dogs of all‍ ages,⁤ puppies, and seniors
-‍ Plant-based ⁣shampooing conditioner
– Fast-acting allergy and rash relief
– Powerful cleaning ‍and ⁣degreasing formula


– Apply to your dog’s ‌coat as needed to relieve itching, dryness,‍ and other skin ‌issues
– Recommended by veterinarians for various skin conditions
– Helps stop⁣ hair loss and promotes healthy‌ skin and coat


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