Digz Women’s Long Gardening Gloves in Greenery Pattern, Medium



The Digz Women’s Long Gardening Gloves ‍in Greenery Pattern,⁣ Medium are durable⁤ gloves designed ​for spring gardening. Made from premium⁣ materials, these gloves offer⁣ water ​resistance, flexibility, and protection from thorns and branches. Featuring a‌ stylish‌ greenery pattern, these gloves are ideal for gardening enthusiasts.

Key Features:

– Designed with both function​ and fashion in mind
– Protects hands and forearms from thorns ‌and scratches
– ⁣Greenery Pattern
– Size: Medium
-⁢ Synthetic materials for better fit and ‍dexterity
– Washable
– Extended safety cuff⁢ for extra protection
– Adjustable strap and ⁤shirred wrist ⁢to keep dirt and debris away


– Brand: Digz
– Type: Gardening Gloves
– Pattern: Greenery
– Size:⁢ Medium


– Ideal​ for working with roses and other prickly plants
– Suitable ⁤for weekend gardening enthusiasts and landscaping ⁤professionals


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