Double Circle Gym Rack Organizer with Hooks (17″)



The Double Circle Gym⁣ Rack Organizer with Hooks (17″) is a compact storage solution for gym equipment such as ⁤resistance bands, ⁣jump ropes, and towels. It⁣ features two circular shelves for holding items, along with six hooks for hanging accessories. Made of durable metal⁤ with a white finish, this organizer measures 17 inches in ​diameter.

Dimensions: Measures ‌17”x6.8”x2.5” with 8 extended hooks for‍ ample storage capacity.

Weight Capacity: Each hook can⁣ hold up to 44 lbs, providing secure storage for a variety of gear.

Additional Features: Comes with ​2⁣ extra‍ hanging carabiners for‍ storing additional accessories. Angled hooks to prevent gear from ⁢sliding forward.

Easy Installation: Includes hardware kit with screws, washers, and masonry anchors for ‍effortless‍ mounting on the wall.

Durability: Constructed with premium materials⁤ to ensure long-lasting durability and strength⁢ for all your storage needs.



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