Dow AgroSciences Eagle 20EW Fungicide, 16oz

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The Dow AgroSciences‍ Eagle 20EW Fungicide, 16oz is ‍a ⁢highly effective fungicide for ⁤controlling a‍ wide range of diseases in turf and ornamental plants. With its active ​ingredient myclobutanil, it provides long-lasting protection ‍against​ leaf spots, rusts,‌ and blights. This concentrate is designed for ‍easy mixing ‍and application.

Key ‍Features:

– Provides‍ excellent control of dollar spot ‌and brown ⁢patch
– Liquid formulation for easy mixing
– Systemic properties
-​ Controls more than 15 fungal diseases
– Works​ on major turf varieties, landscape ornamentals, and fruit trees
– Can be⁣ used on golf course fairways, roughs, tees, and greens
– Best results achieved with a seven- to 10-day application schedule


– Recommended to ​use⁢ with Sync Fungicide ⁤Activator
– Controls diseases such as Anthracnose, Powdery mildew, Rusts, ⁢and‌ more
– Suitable for turfgrass, landscape ornamentals, greenhouse and nursery ornamentals, apples, stone‌ fruits, and grapes


-⁣ Ideal for use​ on various turf and ornamental species
– Protects new growth from⁤ inside out
– Can be used in nurseries, landscapes, and greenhouses
– Effective for controlling a wide range of fungal diseases


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