Dr.Fish 100 Pack Barbless Fly Tying Hooks Trout Salmon



The Dr.Fish 100 Pack Barbless Fly Tying Hooks Trout Salmon is a set of‍ high-quality, barbless​ fly hooks designed for tying flies for trout and‍ salmon fishing. These hooks are made of durable carbon steel with a chemically sharpened point for ‍easy penetration.

Key Features:

– High-quality hooks made from high-carbon steel
– Durable and corrosion-resistant construction
– Dry Wet ⁤Fly‌ Hook design with forged, down eye, standard ‌size wire, long⁣ shank, chemically sharpened point
– Micro Barbed design for deeper penetration ⁤and firm fish hold
– Barbless design‌ for easy hook penetration ‌and removal
– Suitable for traditional dry flies​ and wet ​flies
-⁣ Available in sizes 4# to 22#
– Suitable for both freshwater and ‌saltwater fishing


-⁣ Material: High-carbon steel
– Design: Dry Wet⁢ Fly Hook
– Size: 4# to 22#


– Ideal for⁢ traditional dry flies like Blue Dun,‌ Olive Dun, Mosquito, Red Tag
– ​Suitable for ⁣wet flies like ⁤Black​ Gnat, Brown ⁢Hackle, Royal Coachman
– Suitable ​for both freshwater and⁢ saltwater fishing

the ⁤fishing ‌hooks from Dr.Fish are designed with quality and‌ consistency in mind, offering durability, sharpness,‍ and versatility for various fishing applications.


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