Eco-Friendly Organic Rock Phosphate Fertilizer for Enhanced Root Growth



This ⁤eco-friendly ​organic⁤ rock phosphate⁣ fertilizer promotes enhanced root ‌growth in plants. Made from‌ natural rock phosphate, it provides essential nutrients for​ healthy root development. With a slow-release formula, it sustains plant growth over time without overloading the ​soil. Perfect for environmentally conscious gardeners‌ looking to boost⁤ plant health.

Key Features:

– Natural ⁤Rock Phosphate Fertilizer
-⁤ 0-3-0 NPK ratio
– Slow-release fertilizer for long-term nourishment
– Rich in phosphorus for healthy root development ⁢and fruiting
– Enhances plant quality and yield
– Eco-friendly and sustainable
– Easy to apply and suitable for all soil types


– Package ​Dimensions: 12.36 x 9.8 x 2.13 inches;⁤ 5 Pounds
– Item model ⁣number: 0-3-0
– ‍Date ⁢First Available:​ March 18, 2022


– Suitable ‍for ‌roses, flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees, and ‍more
– Promotes healthy crop production, flavorful ⁢produce, and fewer pests
– Ideal for organic‍ gardening
– Corrects phosphorus-deficient soils
– Can be ⁤used in home gardens⁢ and commercial farms


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