Evridwear Crinkle Latex Coated Safety Work Gloves 12 Pair



The Evridwear Crinkle Latex Coated Safety Work Gloves come in a pack of​ 12 pairs and are⁤ designed for optimal safety and dexterity in a variety of work‍ environments. The gloves are coated with ‍latex for added grip⁢ and⁤ durability, making them ideal for construction, gardening, and other manual labor⁤ tasks.

Key Features:

– Lightweight, durable, and breathable ⁢lining
– Textured coating for anti-slip, cut, and puncture resistance
– Extended seamless fit knit cuff to prevent dirt and debris
– Excellent abrasion resistance and rough crinkle grip
– Suitable for ‌indoor and ‍outdoor use


– Material: Polyester, HPPE, cotton, polyurethane, nitrile
– Cut Proof: Varies per model
– Application: Light duty general works, gardening, car repairing, machine assembling, home improvements, slicing, ⁣oyster⁢ shucking, cutting in the kitchen, warehouse handling works
-​ Package: 12 pairs of gloves, 2 pairs of sleeves, 1 pair of sleeve, 1 pair of glove


– Suitable for various working environments such as package handling, farming, construction, etc.
– Provides protection and enhanced grip for handling slippery items
– Breathable design keeps hands cool and dry
– Available in 6 sizes for the best​ fit


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