EZ-gro 3:1:2 Bromeliad Fertilizer | 8 oz Bottle


EZ-gro specialty fertilizer for tropical foliage is a professional blend of nutrients that⁤ is easy to use ​and​ suitable for‍ all types of ​foliage plants. Made in‌ the USA, this fertilizer will ⁢help your plants grow faster ‌and healthier.


The EZ-gro 3:1:2 Bromeliad Fertilizer is an 8 oz bottle of concentrated liquid plant food specifically formulated for bromeliads. It provides a balanced ratio of essential nutrients⁣ (3 parts‍ nitrogen, 1 part phosphorus, 2 parts ​potassium) to promote‍ healthy growth, ‍vibrant blooms, and overall plant health.

Key Features:

1. Professional blend of nutrients with‌ a 3:1:2 ⁤ratio ​of NPK
2. Easy to mix and use – simply add ​2 tablespoons to one gallon of water
3. Suitable for all types of foliage plants
4. Helps stimulate healthy root growth and faster plant growth
5. Made‍ in the USA


– Product Dimensions: 2 x ​2 x 6 inches; 8 ⁢ounces
– Date First ⁣Available: August 2, 2023
– ⁤Manufacturer: Hydrohort
– Country of Origin: USA


– Ideal for tropical foliage plants grown in warm conditions
– Can be used⁤ on any indoor ⁤foliage plant
– Apply at ⁤each watering for best results



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