Fame Fungicide 25 lbs



The Fame Fungicide 25​ lbs is a powerful fungicide designed to protect crops ⁣from harmful⁢ fungal diseases. It contains active ⁢ingredient fluoxastrobin which ⁢provides broad-spectrum ⁣disease⁣ control. With a long-lasting residual activity and exceptional⁤ crop safety, ‌this product is essential for maintaining healthy and productive crops.

Key Features:

– Broad-spectrum fungicide for controlling diseases ‌in turf and ornamentals
– ⁣Xylem systemic⁤ fungicide ⁤that interferes with respiration in plant-pathogenic fungi
– Prevents spore germination and mycelial growth
– Suitable for controlling stem, foliar, and root diseases
– Can be used in commercial production, lawns, ​golf courses, parks, and more


– Target Pests: Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Yellow Patch, Dollar Spot, Fairy Ring, Leaf Spot, Powdery Mildew, Rust, Snow Mold, Southern Blight, Summer Patch, Zoysia Patch
– ⁣For use in: Golf Courses, Athletic Fields,​ Office Buildings, Parks, Recreational areas
– Shelf life: Up to‍ 3 ‌years when stored in a ‌cool dry place


-⁢ Apply Fame ⁤Granular ⁢Fungicide⁤ as directed on the product ‍label for effective⁢ control of diseases in turf and ornamentals. Always read and follow the complete label verbiage for accurate application​ instructions.


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