Fertilome 2-N-1 Systemic 32 oz



The Fertilome 2-N-1⁤ Systemic 32 oz is a versatile plant treatment designed to provide⁤ both insect control and fertilization in one easy-to-use product. ​This systemic formula contains a 2-in-1 insecticide and fertilizer solution, ​offering long-lasting protection and nourishment for plants.

Key‌ Features:

– Provides ⁤six weeks of protection from insect pests‍ and diseases
– Ideal for⁤ use on roses, ⁢flowers, and shrubs
– Protects entire plant, including ​new growth
– No‌ spraying required, simply mix and pour around the base of the plant
– ‌Controls a variety of insects ‍and diseases‍ including aphids, ⁣borers, thrips, black⁤ spot, and rust


– One⁢ quart treats 16 roses‌ or⁤ 200​ sq. ft. of flowerbed ⁤area
– Application rates vary for different types of plants
– Contains⁢ active fungicide and insecticides
– Systemic formula provides protection for up to 6 weeks


-⁢ Slowly pour the solution ⁣as close to the base of the plant as possible
– For flower⁤ beds, sprinkle over the tops ‍of the⁢ plants ‌and ‍cover the entire area
-⁤ Begin using in the spring⁣ and reapply every 6 weeks for a total of 3 applications per year
– ‍Can ⁤be used more frequently in areas where diseases occur frequently​ and the ⁤soil is sandy.


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