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The Fertilome 8⁣ Oz⁢ Grass ‌Killer is ‍a powerful⁣ herbicide designed ‌to kill ‍unwanted grasses in lawns and gardens. ⁤It contains 41% glyphosate as the active ingredient and comes in an 8 oz ⁣bottle for easy application. Simply mix with water‌ and spray on ⁤targeted areas for effective grass control.

Key Features:

– Controls⁤ annual and​ perennial grass weeds
– Can be sprayed over ⁤desired plants listed to‌ control grasses
– Safe to use around vegetables, gardens, trees, shrubs, and ornamentals
– Stops growth ‍of weed grasses within​ 2 days
– Concentrate ‌makes ⁣8‍ gallons⁢ of spray solution


– Type: Selective ⁣post-emergent herbicide
-‌ Application: Hose-end sprayer ‍or ‌tank sprayer
-⁢ Coverage:⁢ 1,800 ‍square feet per gallon
– Active​ Ingredient:​ Not ⁢specified
– Usage: Apply when⁢ grassy weeds are actively growing


– Apply when grassy weeds are actively growing
– Do not mow or cut ⁢off tops of weeds before ‌spraying
– Do not apply if rainfall is expected within one hour⁣ following application
– Grass turns yellow and dies ⁣within one ‌to three weeks
– Application⁣ varies by dimension and method, see label for specific instructions.


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