Fertilome Copper Fungicide Controls Various Fungal Diseases (32 oz.)

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The Fertilome Copper Fungicide is a ⁤32 oz. solution designed to control various fungal diseases in plants.⁢ With a high concentration‌ of copper⁢ as ‌the active ingredient, it effectively prevents and treats issues like mildew,⁣ blight, and rust. Easy to apply and suitable ⁤for use on a wide range of plants.

Key Features:

1. Versatile fungicide that fights various plant diseases such as Needle Blight, Blackspot, Anthracnose, and Powdery Mildew.
2. Suitable for use on a variety of‍ plants including Roses, Fruits, and Vegetables.
3. Acts as both a ‌preventative and treatment for plant diseases.
4. OMRI listed for organic‍ gardening, ensuring ‍suitability for certified organic production.
5. Ready to use spray bottle for easy application, can be used up to the day of harvest.


– ‍Product: Fungicide
– Usage: Preventing and treating plant diseases
– Organic: OMRI listed
– Application: Ready to use ⁤spray‌ bottle


– Apply as a ⁤preventative measure to protect plants from diseases.
– Can also be used ⁤to treat ‍active plant diseases.
– Suitable for use on a⁢ wide range of plants including Roses, Fruits, and Vegetables.


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