Fertilome F-Stop Garden Fungicide RTS (32oz)



The Fertilome F-Stop Garden Fungicide RTS is a 32oz ready-to-spray fungicide designed to protect plants from fungal diseases. It contains 1.62% ‌Myclobutanil as the active ingredient and covers up to 5,333 sq. ft. with a spray pattern nozzle ⁢for easy ⁤application.

Key⁢ Features:

– Controls damaging diseases⁤ like Black Spot, Rust, Blights, and ⁣more
– Designed for outdoor use‌ on roses, flowers, ‌ornamental shrubs, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and lawns
– Most effective as a fungicide when used to prevent diseases before they appear
– Comes ‌in ⁤a ready-to-use spray bottle for quick and⁢ easy ⁢application
– Spray​ plant to cover⁢ both upper ​and lower leaf surfaces


– ⁢Product: ⁢F-Stop Lawn & Garden Fungicide
– ⁣Usage: Prevent‌ and control damaging diseases⁤ on various⁢ plants
– Diseases controlled: Powdery Mildew, Black⁢ Spot, Rust, Blights, Scab, Brown Rot, and more


– Spray to wet plant surfaces, covering ‍both upper and⁤ lower ‍leaf surfaces
– Apply once every 2 weeks on​ ornamental shrubs and ⁤flowers, or ⁢once every 7 to ‍10 days on roses if⁢ Black Spot⁤ is⁢ present
-⁢ Start lawn application when it ⁣begins to turn green in the ‍spring⁤ or signs of disease are present
– Check spray application timing for each type of plant listed ⁣on ‌the label
– See label for application ⁤rates


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